WordRecorderA super-specialized tool for recording lists of individual words as separate audio files.

I created WordRecorder for my friend Matt, who needed a way to record an announcer speaking several hundred names easily without having to trim up the audio and save all the individual files by hand. The result is WordRecorder, a simple audio file recorder which displays a single word from a list, starts recording when it hears noise, and saves the resulting properly-trimmed audio file with the name of the word from the list.

The main WordRecorder window.WordRecorder could be used by anyone who needs to have audio broken up into many organized segments that will not contain any silence. Think of those automated station announcements that are often read by real human announcers or telephone customer support lines: “The next station is ‘Woodlawn’…”

While I realize very few people are likely to actually have a use for WordRecorder—unless they’re recording automated announcements for a subway train or something—the source code may be useful for someone looking for examples of a practical use of Apple’s Core Audio Libraries. The interface is implemented using Trolltech’s Qt Toolkit.

WordRecorder currently works on Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

Download WordRecorder.

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