This is my personal web page and blog. I am a software engineer at Pixar Animation Studios, in Emeryville, California. In my spare time I hack around with random projects to solve problems that interest me. In the course of my experimentation I am often frustrated by technical snags and hangups that send me to searching the internet for an answer.

This blog is an effort to give back to the larger community the small amount of knowledge I have gained from encountering and working through the inevitable frustrations of software development. Additionally, I intend release many of my fully-developed and functional personal software projects in the hopes that they may be of use to others. The most recent of these is a free app for animating GPS track logs of running and cycling activities, RunParticles.

Older programs posted here include NWSClient, a Blackberry weather app, and WordRecorder, a Mac app for recording and splicing a list of words.